Crescent Lunge before Cathedral Rock, 2019

I have created a series of workshops, called Journey To Love, that highlight the steps I have taken to heal myself and find my way back to my heart. Each workshop is designed to create a space for sharing, journaling, yoga flow, breathwork, and meditation to facilitate a deeper awareness of what your body needs to heal.

I believe that the truest essence of who we are is love, and often we can forget that through the trials of life. I spent the majority of my life disconnected from knowing how to take care of myself. I struggled with anxiety and depression, setting boundaries, people-pleasing, standing up for myself, debilitating self-doubt, and not honoring my gifts.

My workshops are like a roadmap leading us back home to our highest path which is love. Through the practices I offer in my workshops, I have learned how to set healthy boundaries, overcome depression, ease my anxiety, stand up for myself, find purpose, self-worth, self- love, and joy.

Workshops, listed below, are offered in Sedona, Arizona, either indoors or outside. Each workshop is approximately two to three hours long.

Journey To Love: Honor Who You Are

  • Create firm and loving boundaries
  • Trust your intuition
  • Honor your unique gifts

Journey To Love: Letting Go of Perfection

  • Never fear the guidance of your heart
  • Embrace and learn from mistakes
  • Take tiny action steps towards your purpose
  • Allow love to guide you to a life of joy and clarity

Journey To Love: Don’t Build A Monument to Your Pain

  • Let Go of the old, worn out stories from your past
  • Release physical and emotional pain
  • Make room for your gifts in the present

Journey To Love: The Journey Is the Reward

  • Understand The Dark Night of the Soul
  • Drop the struggle and align with the flow
  • Feel gratitude as life happens for you, not to you
  • Enjoy every step of the process

Open Heart, 2019

What you seek is seeking you.


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