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Yoga, Meditation and Journaling Workshop

The Remembrance:

Awakening To Your True Potential Through The Connection To Your Soul

Saturday February 5th, 1-4pm at Sedona Hot Yoga, $70

Each workshop I offer is like a road map leading us back home to our highest path, which is love. Each workshop is designed to create a space for group share, yoga, breathwork, meditation and journaling to facilitate deep healing and self realization.

In this workshop we will focus on:

  • Quieting the mind to allow the connection to the timeless energy of the heart
  • Chakra meditation and healing
  • Feeling safe in your life, in your body
  • Understanding that the healing journey is a lifelong process of peaks and valleys
  • Tuning into the wisdom that your body holds
  • Knowing that YOU are your best healer and teacher and that each one of us holds deep wisdom and truth

I am allowing a maximum number of 12 participants to allow for deep healing and attention.

Please bring a yoga mat, one can be rented if you don’t have one, water, and a journal or notebook to write in.

To pre-register please email me at: journeytolovewithlinda@gmail.com

“Michael and I attended Linda’s Journey to Love workshop in February…..around Valentine’s weekend.  Perfect timing!  Linda did a great job of holding a space to allow for deep opening and sharing, which was solidified with an incredible physical practice.  Linda’s style is gentle yet very powerful.  She is so clear and concise guiding the physical practice which totally blended well with the journey and sharing.We both left the workshop with a deep sense of peace and inner connection.  I can’t recommend Linda enough for both her yoga practice and workshops”. Jody H. and Michael R.

“The combination of movement + deep dive writing + group sharing in Linda’s interactive workshops makes them truly unique, and leads to profoundly good takeaways for the attendees. In addition to personal revelations from her workshops, I love the sense of community & connection I’m left with. Linda holds a lovely and welcoming space in which to vulnerably share, and be received with love. I’ve been to several, will go to several more, and cannot recommend them highly enough.” Andrea L.

“I had tried doing yoga a few times prior to taking one of Linda’s yoga classes and just could not get into it.  I found myself resisting it and feeling like it was too much work.  I intuitively knew it was good for me but I still did not look forward to showing up for the classes.  That all changed when I began going to Linda Whittington’s yoga classes.  I started with one class a week and ended up taking all 4 classes she taught while arranging my schedule so that I would not miss any opportunity to have her as my yoga instructor.   “Linda is the reason that I fell in love with yoga!”  Linda is a very good yoga teacher because she is gentle, loving, compassionate and knowledgeable.  She genuinely wants to help and that is why she is so authentic and her teaching style is so smooth and effortless.  I also took all 4 “Journey To Love” workshops that she facilitated and found those to be invaluable in my journey to self-discovery and improvement.  Yoga has helped me on so many levels in my life.  I have seen improvement is my posture, body strength, positive self-image and confidence which are all the reasons that yoga is now an integral part of my life and I have Linda to thank for that!” Anastasia S.

“I have practiced with Linda for over 2 years, enough to experience her authenticity, her compassion and her deep desire to bring people to the mat to heal. She is genuinely empathic with her students, which allows her to naturally ‘feel’ into those in the room. I wished there was room enough in this review to tell you the stories of the participants in her Journey to Love Workshops who shared their transformative experiences with me.” Kenyon

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