Bliss at Bell Rock, 2019

“I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years & I can wholeheartedly say, Linda is one of my favorite instructors. Her genuine, authentic, open, compassionate demeanor make everyone feel welcome.  Linda’s kind, soft voice, with a sense of humor is so real.  Her instructions & timing of breaths are succinct.  She welcomes all her students with open arms. In her class, one has the freedom push yourself & not feel pressured to do so.  Her students are always encouraged to be tuned with their body & breath.   She has a such a lovely smile, gentle heart that you will be for filled for the rest of your day after attending “Linda time”.   Plus her well thought out play list is always expanding & perfect for the yoga class” Heidi G.

“Michael and I attended Linda’s Journey to Love workshop in February…..around Valentine’s weekend.  Perfect timing!  Linda did a great job of holding a space to allow for deep opening and sharing, which was solidified with an incredible physical practice.  Linda’s style is gentle yet very powerful.  She is so clear and concise guiding the physical practice which totally blended well with the journey and sharing.We both left the workshop with a deep sense of peace and inner connection.  I can’t recommend Linda enough for both her yoga practice and workshops”. Jody H. and Michael R.

“The combination of movement + deep dive writing + group sharing in Linda’s interactive workshops makes them truly unique, and leads to profoundly good takeaways for the attendees. In addition to personal revelations from her workshops, I love the sense of community & connection I’m left with. Linda holds a lovely and welcoming space in which to vulnerably share, and be received with love. I’ve been to several, will go to several more, and cannot recommend them highly enough.” Andrea L.

“I had tried doing yoga a few times prior to taking one of Linda’s yoga classes and just could not get into it.  I found myself resisting it and feeling like it was too much work.  I intuitively knew it was good for me but I still did not look forward to showing up for the classes.  That all changed when I began going to Linda Whittington’s yoga classes.  I started with one class a week and ended up taking all 4 classes she taught while arranging my schedule so that I would not miss any opportunity to have her as my yoga instructor.   “Linda is the reason that I fell in love with yoga!”  Linda is a very good yoga teacher because she is gentle, loving, compassionate and knowledgeable.  She genuinely wants to help and that is why she is so authentic and her teaching style is so smooth and effortless.  I also took all 4 “Journey To Love” workshops that she facilitated and found those to be invaluable in my journey to self-discovery and improvement.  Yoga has helped me on so many levels in my life.  I have seen improvement is my posture, body strength, positive self-image and confidence which are all the reasons that yoga is now an integral part of my life and I have Linda to thank for that!” Anastasia S.

“Linda Whittington is an excellent yoga instructor.  Recently, I approached Linda for practical assistance with personal refinement.  As she has turned her attention to helping students as an individual guide, my personal growth as a yogi has begun to flourish.  I strongly advocate for Linda’s approach to healing & remain enthused to continue on this path.  She has given me hands on techniques which serve as an alternative to the traditional cerebral approach.  I have spent most of my life in pursuit of an academic solution to spiritual growth.  As Linda and I have worked together, she has explained how to use kinetic body movement, in addition to meditative practice, to support & supplement an already avid appreciation for yoga practice.  Rather than come to class for physical command, or to, ‘blow off steam,’  I have learned how to apply respiratory & relaxation relief in order to, “pull in the horns,” so to speak – in other words, Linda has helped me to understand how to practice without feeling the need to push toward what I might have intended as pressured perfection.  I have generated an acronym regarding the  tenagible tactics Linda has given to me; I call it, “C.A.R.”  Simply put, “cut, ask, and renew.”  SImilar to a vehicle with an intended purpose, it’s time to get in the car & drive.  The need for me to cut cords, ask for guidance, and in general renew my attitude, has been potentiated, finally!  Thank you, Linda – I truly appreciate the path you helped me to discover; perhaps, it was always there & I just needed a little cleanance.  I promise to drive safely:)”
Namaste,Fellow RYT & student forever, Ed F.

“Have you ever been in a yoga class that left you feeling revitalized, unburdened and glowing? This is how I feel after Linda’s classes. I am proud to have made it to my mat, and leave no stone unturned in my exploration of movement and breath through her guided practices. When I began attending her classes, 6 years ago, Yoga was a physical workout for me. While I still love the benefits my muscles receive, I now also enjoy the mental shift and nervous system strengthening her classes provide. Whether she is teaching 4 students or 40, her group queuing and suggestions are on point for what I am needing. I have explored several types of yoga in a variety of settings taught by Linda, and I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter what blend the class is, she is able to awaken my inner guidance system and I always leave knowing I pushed myself, met my limit, and I accepted myself in my moment, and everything is ok! She has the amazing ability to make a group of strangers feel like a community with similar goals and weaknesses. For the duration of class, (and sometimes beyond), we forgive ourselves, and are the best versions of ourselves. She is open hearted and detail oriented with gentle grace. Able to manage a class combining beginners with those who practice daily, she always has time and alternative poses for those in need. Occasionally in her opening commentary, she sheds light on difficult topics with hopeful quotes and stories that inspire joy and self-acceptance. Her workshops are full of tears and laughter, as we realize the journey through asanas is also a journey through our stuff. I imagine she is able to connect with people from all walks of life with her gifts of communication and compassionate listening. She certainly has found her calling!”
Diana DeMayo, owner
Uptown Massage
452 Jordan rd
Sedona, AZ

“I have practiced with Linda for over 2 years, enough to experience her authenticity, her compassion and her deep desire to bring people to the mat to heal. She is genuinely empathic with her students, which allows her to naturally ‘feel’ into those in the room. I wished there was room enough in this review to tell you the stories of the participants in her Journey to Love Workshops who shared their transformative experiences with me.” Kenyon

“Linda is so excellent at providing a space for anyone and everyone to feel welcome and well cared for. She is heartfelt and genuine. Her ability to guide others in and out of poses is so clear and easy to understand. She really knows how to warm up the body and take you through a series of poses that allow both your body and spirit to open up and live freely. I would recommend a session with Linda any day!” Danielle H.

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