Sunset at Oak Creek, 2019

My favorite thing to do as a yoga teacher and healer is having the opportunity to work with people one-on-one. It is in these sessions that I am able to go on a deep personal journey with you to help you let go of what is not serving you, to help you free yourself of stuck energy and old stories, into a life of immense joy, purpose, and love.

There are two options to choose from in my one on one sessions: The first option is Heart Awakening, Deep Healing and Self care, the second option is Alignment. In order to assess your needs we will set up a time to meet, talk on the phone, or communicate through email. We will schedule a day and time to meet in person or virtually for a one hour session. Descriptions below:

Heart Awakening, Deep Healing and Self Care Practice:

I have developed a self-care practice that involves clearing negative thoughts such as fear, anger, insecurity, resentment, and doubt. My practice includes yoga, meditation, breathwork, and writing. These practices give me the strength and courage to set healthy boundaries, to say no, to stand up for myself, to maintain a healthy diet, to honor my gifts and principles, and to receive love, guidance, and support from others. It will be my absolute honor to help you find a heart awakening, deep healing and self-care practice. In each session I will guide you into:

  • Creating a daily self care practice of Heart Breath and meditation to calm the nervous system, release tension in the physical body and connect you to your heart.
  • A yoga practice that is tailored to your specific needs to help you to connect to your body and your breath and to release stuck energy or pain from your body.
  • Creating a daily practice of journaling so you can document your Journey To Love, your dreams and wishes and all that you are ready to release and heal.
  • Understanding that the past is as fluid as the future, and through the connection to your heart we can heal pain and trauma that might be holding you back, and bring forth immense joy and blessings into your present.


Alignment is important for keeping the body safe. When you understand proper alignment it allows you to move with ease in your practice and reduce the struggle in your mind and body. In each session I will guide you into:

  • Finding the proper alignment for each pose so your body can receive the most benefit from your practice.
  • Learning the proper breath technique to deepen your yoga practice and go deeper into your body.
  • Cultivating your own healing yoga practice to allow your body to open, relax and let go of tension.

30 Minute Consultation


60 Minute Alignment Session

Heart Awakening Session

Oak Creek, 2019

We’re all just walking each other home.

Ram Das

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